Classical Latin I

Monday -
12:45 PM to 02:15 PM
Foreign Languages
High School (9th-12th)

This Latin I course corresponds to DOE course code 61.x410

"Non scholae, sed vitae discimus" -- Seneca (We learn not for school, but for life)

In this introductory Latin course, the students will learn vocabulary, grammar, Roman myths/legends/history, and the influence of Rome (beyond language) on our modern culture. Latin is a very practical language to study, as it will help to build English vocabulary (with the focus on derivatives) and extend the students knowledge of English grammar. The study of Latin is also ideal preparation for the study of all Romance languages.

For the class, we will use the textbook: First Form Latin by Cheryl Lowe (published by Memoria Press), and its workbook companion. Both books will be required for the class and can be purchased through for about $30. First Form Latin uses a grammar focused approach (syntax and translation are introduced later - and at a very gentle pace) with limited vocabulary for the year so that students are not overwhelmed and grammar can be mastered. Recitation is a major feature of this method.

This will be a traditional classroom setting with some lecture, active class participation, oral and written exercises, homework (taking approximately 30 minutes per day), and weekly quizzes. Students should come to class prepared each week with homework completed (monitored by parents as necessary -- there will be a weekly email communication from me regarding topics covered and homework expectations) and all necessary supplies including: pencil, paper, and 3 ring binder (with 5 dividers).

Minimum: 6 students

Cost: $60/month (September - May)