Upper Elementary/Middle School Math

Monday -
10:45 AM to 12:15 PM
Middle School (6th-8th)


Grade Level: 5-7

This Mathematics class will involve complex multiplication, division, addition & subtraction; in addition to, fractions, statistics, story problems, geometry, measurements memorization and conversion, budgeting and pre-algebraic concepts.  We will use the A Beka Arithmetics 6 Curriculum for this class to maintain and advance the student’s current arithmetic level.  Students who are not considered strong math students will benefit greatly from the teach/reteach approach of this curriculum and should have more confidence in Arithmetic by the completion of the course.


Text: Arithmetic 6 student book, Teacher purchased Arithmetic 6 Speed Drills & Test Book

Cost: $275 Spring semester/$60 per month


Minimum of 6 students.