US History/Geography

Thursday -
10:45 AM to 12:15 PM
History and Social Studies
High School (9th-12th)

US HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY: (w/ Jessica Thompson)      45.08100 United States History r  

$25/mo $5 supply fee                Grades: MS/HS

Learn about the history of the United States from a biblical perspective with United States History. Emphasis is placed on the forces, events, issues, and people that have shaped our nation from pre-Columbus days to 21st century. This class will encourage your homeschooler to think critically about the material, not just memorize a collection of facts. Then join us as we travel from coast to coast, learning about the 50 states! From the disappearance of England’s first American settlement to California’s population explosion, follow the course of American history and geography with The Star Spangled State Book.

United States History Student Text (4th ed.)

BJU Press #268961

The Star-Spangled State Book

Knowledge Quest Publishers ISBN: 978-1-932786-26-0