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Announcement: Learn more about Yearbook Club - Thu, Aug 11 - 4:00-4:30 PM

Join us for this informal/online introduction to learn more about the Eastside yearbook club for those who think they may be interested in joining for the 2022-23 year.

You never know where students are going to end up in life. Maybe one day your yearbook will be valuable proof that you actually went to school with (insert famous person here)!  Your yearbook becomes a priceless collectible, limited edition, a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Signup hereto demonstrate interest and a calendar invite will be sent with Zoom link. Note - The Signup form has a separate tab with descriptions of roles and responsibilities.

Yearbook Club In-person Meetings are held approximately every other Thursday at 4:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall

Aug 18 - Yearbook Kickoff Meeting - First Yearbook Meeting to do introductions, understand roles & responsibilities, plan and brainstorm for the year.

Sep 1 - Yearbook Mtg - Charcuterie Board Challenge team-building exercise; Determine pagination/yearbook ladder; Learn: Copyright laws/ethics & Photography tips

Sep 15 - Yearbook Mtg - Determine class notables; Learn: Design principles (balance, color, space harmony) Everyone brings in a couple of examples of designs or yearbooks they like

Sep 29 - Yearbook Mtg - Promote picture day; Learn: Typeface families and standards; Everyone brings in a printed example of what they consider ‘good design’ to share and explain why they like it

     (Oct 6 - Picture Day!)

Oct 13 - Yearbook Mtg - Coverage sign up form to ensure coverage at events; Learn: Journalistic writing

Oct 27 - Yearbook Mtg - Send out notables survey; Learn: TreeRing Training; Establish our design system

Nov 10 - Last Yearbook Mtg for Fall (Get portraits back) - Start flowing in portraits


Jan 12 - Yearbook Mtg - Work session: Design, Write, Photography editing; Identify businesses/organizations to target for Sales/Ads

Jan 26 - Yearbook Mtg - Work session: Photography, Design, Write

Feb 9 - Yearbook Mtg -  Work session:  Photography editing, Design, Write, Edit

Feb 23 - Yearbook Mtg - Work session to create punch list of outstanding items

Mar 9 - Yearbook Mtg - Finalize punch list

Mar 23 - Yearbook Mtg - Proofread and edit

(Print book)
Apr 27 - Launch Party (Celebrate our fun yet hard work with Pizza and Cake!)

*Please reach out to Yearbook Advisor (and Eastside Parent) Marcy Pett with any questions: marcypett@gmail.com / 404-271-9128 (mobile)

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