Eastside Academic Studies


Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey for High School)

Date/Time: Tuesday - 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM
Room: 256/258
Department: Other
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

Description: Open to high school students, this class covers the basics of managing personal finances well, to become good stewards of the resources with which God entrusts us. Students will learn how to write and follow a budget; save money; make wise investments; live debt free; set and achieve personal and career goals; become wise consumers; evaluate employee benefits; understand various kinds of insurance; communicate with others about finances; understand various kinds of taxes; give to others of your time, talents, and treasures; make informed and responsible financial decisions. We will be utilizing curricula from well-known Christian businessman Dave Ramsey (creator of “Financial Peace University”) along with other supplementary materials.

Karen and her husband Paul took a course similar to this as newlyweds in their early 20s, and it had a significant impact on their lives. By seeking to live according to biblical principles of stewardship, they have been able raise a large family and have the freedom to serve God with their time, talents, and treasures in their local church / community and around the world. By the grace & provision of God, applying God's wisdom and working hard, the only debts they have incurred in their 32+ years of marriage have been house and two very low-interest car loans, all of which they repaid in full before they turned 40.

Students will be required to purchase a $30 workbook for this class (available on the first day of class). There will be practical assignments and assessments throughout the year.

Cost: $50 / month for 9 months (or $400 if paid in full by the first week of class)

Course credit:

The GA Department of Education assigns course numbers (with DOE course codes) to public school classes. Many accredited hybrid programs also use these numbers. This course can be used to satisfy this as an elective requirement:

  • DOE 20.43000 Consumer Finance

Grading scale:

  • A – 90+ (180 - 200 points; A+ if you score 201 – 220 points)
  • B – 80-89 (160 – 179 points)
  • C – 74-79 (148 – 159 points)
  • D – 70-73 (140 – 147 points)
  • F – below 70 (below 140 points)

Here’s how you can earn points towards your grade (maximum total of 220 points) (please note: two classes & two assignments can be missed with no penalty):

  • 30 points – Attendance (1 point per class)
  • 30 points – Participate in classroom activities (1 point per class)
  • 30 points – Complete homework assignments (1 point per assignment)
  • Up to 130 points – Assessments (10 points per assessment, 13 assessments)
  • There are bonus points PLUS a class party for everyone who saves their $500 emergency fund while participating in this class!
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