Eastside Academic Studies


ASL for Middle School

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Teacher: Teresa Hatten
Date/Time: Thursday - 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Room: FH1
Departments: Foreign Languages, Middle/Elementary
Grade Level: Middle School (6th-8th)

In the course, ASL for Middle School, the student will be introduced to the basics of American Sign Language. The course will concentrate on visual awareness, skills to produce and understand signs demonstrated. We will cover fingerspelling and numbers, everyday expressions, and vocabulary for conversational fluency in ASL while helping the student to develop an appreciation of Deaf culture. We will play games, do puzzles, sing songs, all while learning signs that touch on the family, home, foods, animals & science, holidays and more.

The class is designed for students to receive personalized attention as well as allow for group activities. The student will be encouraged to use ASL in the classroom and practice with others outside the classroom. Through special projects and opportunities, the student will be able to interact with Deaf students and other Deaf individuals. Using our voice in the classroom will be minimal; we want to let our hands do the talking. This approach will help the student to become comfortable in the language, retain what has been learned and improve both receptive and expressive skills.

The textbook for this course will be A Basic Course in American Sign Language (second edition), by Tom Humphries, Carol Padden and Terrence J. O’Rourke.  The Gallaudet Children’s Dictionary of American Sign Language, (optional). 

This class is designed to be enjoyed by the student while learning a new language. We will use a lot of repetition… Practice, practice, and more practice… So let’s relax and have fun!

Course Tuition:  The cost of the course is $625  per year.

Option 1:  $625 One-Time payment per student.  Payment amount is due on or before the first day of ASL class, September 3, 2019.

Option 2:  $315 per Semester per student. Two equal payments... First payment (Fall Semester) due on or before the first day of class, September, 2019.  The second payment (Spring Semester) due by first day of Spring semester class in January 7, 2020.

Option 3:  $75 per Month per student, September, 2019 through May 2019. The first monthly payment is due on or before the first day of ASL class.  Each remaining monthly payment is due by the 5th of the month.

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