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Nimble Wits: Critical Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving

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Teacher: Sandra Williams
Date/Time: Monday - 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: 259/261
Departments: Other, Middle/Elementary
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th), Middle School (6th-8th)
Maximum Enrollment: 10

Nimble Wits: Critical Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving

This class is suitable for both Middle School AND High School students.  

Flexible and creative problem-solving is critical to success in life.  Many students are intimidated by complex problems and shrink from risking experimental ways to solve problems, whether in the classroom, laboratory, or the community.  How do we teach this?  How do we encourage students to develop new approaches to problem-solving?  

·         Through play.  

·         Through modeling and direct instruction in solving varieties of problems and puzzles.

·         Through engaging in games in a zero-risk environment.  

People throughout history, in varied cultures, played with word games, puzzles, board games, and mazes as entertainment.  Historically, we sharpen our wits by engaging with one another.  

Nimble wits develop when we are unafraid to noodle around until we discover an answer, when we are humorously engaged in activities that challenge us in settings that we know are zero-risk.  It is important that every participant feels completely secure and supported in this class. 

We will utilize a variety of Critical Thinking Press products and a variety of games to explore the delight of using our brains in new ways.  This class is particularly helpful for students with math anxiety.  It is not a math class, but an enhancement to mathematical thinking.  

Tuition $45/month,  $200 if paid in full at first class.

                                Additional $5 late fee per week will be applied after first class of the month.

All materials will be provided by the teacher.                                 

Minimum 4 students, maximum 10  NOTE: Depending on enrollment, separate Middle and High School classes may be possible.

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