Eastside Academic Studies


World Literature and Composition

Teacher: Christine Oswald
Date/Time: Tuesday - 12:45 PM to 2:15 PM
Room: 263
Department: Language Arts - High School
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

(Honors Option available)

 Corresponds with DOE course code 23.06300; 1 core credit;  Class minimum: 5 students                 

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.

- Sir Francis Bacon 

Stories connect us.  They connect us to the past and the future. They connect us to our culture and that of others. They connect us to God. They connect us to ourselves and to each other.  Through story we see that all human experience is common and, yet, profoundly unique.  We learn that we are all the same and all very different.

In World Literature & Composition we will be delving into stories from around the world - old stories, newer stories, true stories, fictional stories, short stories, long stories and stories told through poems. Students will examine the relationship between literature, culture, and historical events in different regions of the world. They will further develop their reading comprehension skills and vocabulary usage. They will have the opportunity to express their ideas and creativity through small weekly writing assignments and through 3 longer essays: a narrative essay, a cause-&-effect essay, and a cultural identity essay. Students will analyze and discuss common themes across cultures and time. They will also have the opportunity to participate and lead a literature circle.

Grades will be based on attendance, participation, homework, tests/quizzes, essays, an interactive journal, presentations and a research project.

Texts: The primary texts, Literature and Integrated Studies: World Literature (ISBN 13: 9780673294487) and World Mythology, 2nd Edition by Donna Rosenberg (ISBN 13: 9780844257679) can be rented for $10 each ($20 total) for the year unless the student wishes to mark up the text, then s/he will need to purchase them.

Students will print and bring to class some literary selections throughout the school year.

A complete list of titles and ISBNs for 8 novels from a variety of countries around the world will be sent to families in early July. This will include Macbeth by Shakespeare, Night by Elie Weisel, and The Odyssey by Homer.

Tuition:           $590/year, if paid by the end of the first class

                        $310/semester, payment due first class of each semester

Supply Fee:     $50/year for copies and materials, paid by first class.

Feel free to contact Christine at mrsoswaldclasses@gmail.com or via text at 770-715-3639.

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