Eastside Academic Studies


Human Anatomy and Physiology

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Teacher: Snow Kendall
Email: snowk@comcast.net
Date/Time: Thursday - 10:45 AM to 2:15 PM
Room: 255/257
Department: Science
DOE Number: 26.073
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)
Maximum Enrollment: 12

Grade Level: 11th-12th grades

Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry*

Thursdays  10:45-2:15 (with a 30 minute lunch break)

Corresponds with D.O.E. course #26.07300            1 core credit hour

Anatomy and Physiology is a lab-based course covering the structure and function of the human body. Topics covered will include the organizational levels of the body, major body tissues, anatomical terminology, biochemical functions, regulatory processes, and an in-depth study of each of the major body systems.

Students will learn through reading, homework, videos, projects, and labs. Guest speakers from various medical fields will engage students in discussion of medical careers. Students will become proficient in microscope and lab equipment use. Dissections will include a small mammal and other appropriate individual organs to complement our course work.  


The goals of this class are to inspire a deep appreciation of the intricately created human body and to prepare students for studies in the medical sciences. I am a born-again Christian, believing that God designed the human body in fascinating detail, and that He values life. This worldview will be woven into everything we do in this course.


This is a rigorous course intended for seniors, and can be counted as an advanced course or an honors course on high school transcripts. Plan for reading and homework to take at least 4 hours a week. This course is very heavy to vocabulary. Grades will primarily be based on tests, as well as homework. A lab notebook will be kept. 

*A course grade of an A in Biology is required. Chemistry prerequisite may be waived under certain circumstances. Class maximum: 12 students



Text book to be announced. Currently evaluating text books.

Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book (7th Edition) by McCann & Wise

Cost: Tuition is $590 if paid in full by the first day of class for the year. (Or tuition can be paid in two payments of $315 paid by the first day of class each semester.)

Lab fee for the year is $100 and is due the first day of class. (Coloring book is ordered by the instructor and included in the lab fee, Instructor has a limited number of textbooks for rent.)

Please note that your registration is a commitment for the full academic year. 

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