Eastside Academic Studies


World History

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Teacher: Jessica Taylor
Date/Time: Thursday - 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Room: 260/262
Department: History and Social Studies
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

This high school World History course immerses students in the study of the people of our world. We'll begin with ancient civilizations and travel through time to explore the events that have shaped the world today.


Our exploration will begin with defining what civilization is and investigating how humans lived in earlier times and progressed. We are going to cover the religion(s), culture, technological advancements, and government of civilizations.


Our Units will cover the River Valley Civilizations, the growth of early empires (Babylon, Egypt, Persian, Greece, China, India, Roman), early monotheism to classical Chinese Dynasties, early monotheistic and polytheistic religions. We're going to spend some time trekking through African kingdoms like Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethopia, The Asante and Songhai.


We won't stop there.... We'll experience the joys of knighthood and feudalism, decide whether Gengis Khan was as ruthless as everyone says and research the great civilizations in the Western Hemisphere (The Inca, Mexica, Mayan). Students will learn about the Enlightenment, National Revolutions in America and France, Capitalism and Industrial Revolution, 19th century science alternatives to capitalism, World War I and II, Totalitarianism, Cold War Conflicts and the Impact of WWII, and the End of the Cold War.

Through this course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of world history, its political and social impacts, and their relevance to current events.


At the end of this course, students will be equipped with the skills to analyze and interpret history from a global perspective. A variety of resources are utilized in different learning activities, such as lectures, discussions, research projects, multimedia presentations and class debates.


In addition to the wide variety of resources utilized in this World History course, students will also have the unique opportunity to create their own textbooks! Through interactive note pages and engaging projects, students will be able to apply what they've learned in a more personalized way. By creating their own textbooks, students will solidify their understanding of different topics and be able to reflect on their own learning process. These textbooks will not only serve as a valuable resource for students in this course, but also as a testament to their hard work and dedication. It's through these individualized projects that students will have the chance to showcase their creativity, critical thinking skills, and historical knowledge. By creating their own textbooks, students will truly become historians in their own right.

This course is suitable for high school students and is the equivalent to Georgia World History Course Code:45.08300


PRICE: OPTIONS  $675 for the year| $360 per Semester | 9 payments of $90 per month from Aug. to April

$50.00 one time supply fee for textbook elements, copies, supplies, etc.

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