Eastside Academic Studies


AP European History* (Part of the AP Partner Classes)

Teacher: Grace Bailey
Date/Time: Tuesday - 10:45 AM to 1:30 PM
Room: Youth Room
Department: History and Social Studies
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

One weekly class from 10:45-12:15 lunch 12:45-1:30

DOE course code:  45.08400

Prerequisites:  All students considering studying AP European History must be prepared to engage in a substantial amount of outside reading and writing. (10th-12th grades)

AP European History is a college level course which meets one of the 3 required history courses for Georgia high school students.  The years that we will focus on are 1450 to the present.  Our class will be based on studying the leaders, politics, thought, music, art and people of these centuries.  This course will be taught on the college level.  Work at home will be comprised of reading in both primary and secondary sources, along with readings from the text book, and writing in preparation for the exam in May.  Class time will focus on lectures, group discussions, presentations, debates and we just might decide to put Charles I on trial for his treasonous acts against England!  Come learn about the past and see how it is influencing our lives today.  Students who participate in this class will have a solid exposure to the level of work that will be required of them at the university level.

Prerequisite reading, in the form of short essays, listening assignments and art review will be assigned during the summer in order to make sure students have a solid foundation for the coming year of study.

Tuition:  Sept-May $75/mo  (One time $12.00 fee for photo copying primary/secondary sources for students to be used through the year.)

Take $5 off per month per student for families with multiple students enrolled in Bailey courses in a current year.

Textbook: Information forthcoming

May National AP testing fee and books are not included in price of the class.

Questions?  Contact Mrs. Bailey directly at:  gabhistory@gmail.com

Minimum:  5

Maximum:  25

*Advanced Placement Partner Classes for 2017-18

Students at Eastside Academic Studies have the opportunity to pair two AP classes in order to strengthen perspectives on both bodies of knowledge. AP comprehension, testing, and writing skills that are common between the two AP courses can be handled jointly, providing additional instructor and student time with core material. Each class will add 40-45 minutes to the standard 90-minute class time for each subject. Courses are also available without being partnered.

AP European History, 45.08400; Grace Bailey

& AP English Literature and Composition, 23.05300; Margaret Shuman

Students complete both courses for two core hours of credit, or may take either course separate from the other. 


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