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Email: sdealwilliams@bellsouth.net

Sandra Williams is a graduate of Georgia Southern University.  She homeschooled her son from first grade to college (Auburn University).  He is now a mechanical engineer.  She has taught middle and high school, homeschooled students for the past 20+ years, in classes that included critical thinking, chemistry, and history.  She has taught at Vantage Point Education, LEAD, Dunwoody Homeschoolers, and AAEN.  She develops creative learning methods for her classes based upon the needs of students.  Her goal for every class is not just to teach the subject but to teach students to love the subject and to develop the confidence and curiosity to continue learning about it.


Sandra enjoys painting, sewing, reading, gardening for wildlife, and learning about history from outside-the-box. She provides books for a children’s free-lending library at a church in Grayson, primarily books by publishers and authors who often are not included in public school libraries because they write from a Christian point of view.  Her goal is to encourage children’s love of reading with “living books” that also have a moral compass.  When her son was a beginning reader, Sandra and her husband started “Booger Books,” a free-lending library at AAEN, in order to nurture an avid-reading peer group for him.  For the same reason, she held Readers’ Theater in her home, using plays written for readers from emergent to independent.  


Sandra and Jeff Williams, her husband of 32 years, are members of St. Martin's Lutheran Church (North American Lutheran Church).  They live in Tucker, where they garden and keep bees. Their household includes Jeff's 95 years old mother, two dogs, and one cat.  They have four adult children and 7 grandchildren.



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