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Annalynn Jay graduated from the University of West Georgia in the spring of 2014. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature with a concentration in Spanish. During her college career, she took two mission trips to Guatemala where she was immersed in the Spanish culture and language. During one of her trips, she taught English to middle school children in Guatemala City. As a result of her degree and experiences in multicultural environments, her expertise is valuable in many arenas. She has served as the elementary, middle, and high school Spanish teacher for The Lighthouse School, balancing multiple cultural and personality differences while completing a task in the most productive way possible. At The Lighthouse School, Smoke Rise Prep, and Creekside Christian Academy, she worked with people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and home situations. Although her primary job was to teach, one of the principal reasons that she taught is because she  believes in the growth and development of young minds in today’s society. Through hands-on training, she learned to educate children in the Spanish language through games, songs, crafts, and other activities that were not limited to only the traditional ways of education. This has strengthened her ability to teach children in a relatable and interesting way, as well as creatively communicate ideas to all types of people.

Mrs. Jay enjoys working with people and comes into any situation with an enthusiastic and encouraging attitude. She loves being in an environment that involves a friendly staff and an uplifting, encouraging atmosphere. In all, her experiences, both post-secondary and in the work force, have taught her the values of creative problem solving, teamwork, organization, communication, and drive. Mrs. Jay and her husband, Jonathan Jay attend Northlands Church in Norcross.



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